Today Culloden Battlefield can be more crowded than on the day of the battle itself with visitors and coach groups crowding around the various stops around the site.  For a unique experience take an out-of-hours walking tour to take in the eerie solitude of the nearly deserted battlefield.

We will step back in time to a wet and windy day on 16th April 1746 when the last pitched battle on British soil was fought between the Jacobites, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the Hanoverian troops, with the Duke of Cumberland at their head. This tour will take you to the important points on the battlefield itself and give you an insight into that fateful day that saw hundreds killed and the Jacobite dreams to seize the British Crown shattered.

You will hear much more than the historical facts about this battle, finding out many of the human stories of the battle and its aftermath, as well as talking about the impact it had on Highland-life and British history.

  • View the battlefield from both the Government and Jacobite lines,
  • Hear about the fearsome Highland Charge and how the British troops counteracted,
  • Visit the Well of the Dead and hear about an incredible act of love,
  • Walk alongside the Graves of the Clans, maybe pausing by the Clan Fraser stone (so important in the Outlander stories),
  • Think about the bloody aftermath of the battle standing next to Leanachan Cottage the site of a makeshift field hospital,
  • Take a glance around you to see if you can see any of the ghosts associated with the battlefield.