It’s been a wild 48 hours in the Scottish Highlands, with high winds and driving rain. Many of our ferries to the islands are out of action. A wise course of action when an Atlantic storm like this hits is to batten down the hatches, light the fire and pour a dram.

This current storm prompted me to dig out this video I took during an attempted refresher tour to Iona last year.

We never made it to the island and only as far as Fhionnphort on Mull. Even so, we had a great day exploring with the kids, getting blown along beaches and exploring rock pools. As you can see from the photos below. We even experienced a touch of blue skies during a temporary lull in the storm.

Bad weather in Scotland needn’t mean you can’t head outside and have a good time. Just wrap up warm, pop on your waterproofs and go enjoy yourselves. 

This post is part of a series celebrating Scotland’s 2020 Year of Coasts and Waters. Find out more here.