While we wait for world travel to return to normal we can all indulge our wanderlust with a virtual tour to Scotland. And this “go anywhere” private tour is a special way to explore the very best Scotland has to offer, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Let professional guide, Andrew Baxter, prepare your bespoke itinerary to your exact requirements. You choose your destination. Will you head to the Scottish Highlands to explore centuries of clan feuds and bloody battles? Will you walk through the atmospheric streets of old Edinburgh to discover hidden treasures? Will you go off-the-beaten-path around one of Scotland’s islands as you hear tales from ancient folklore? You decide!

This live tour is delivered personally by me using ‘live-conferencing software’ making use of maps, photographs, street-view videos and plenty of story-telling.

Whether you had to cancel a trip due to current health and safety concerns or you’re curious and wish to explore a new destination before booking a trip here, let us transport you virtually to Scotland.


This is a bespoke and private virtual tour so we will spend some time getting to know each other beforehand, giving you an opportunity to ask some initial questions.

Your tour is tailor-made so that you visit the places of your choice, to include your own particular interests.

Throughout your tour, you can ask questions whenever you like and we can take a closer look at anywhere we visit. You will require a good internet connection as this tour is delivered entirely online making use of live video-conferencing software.

Tour Duration

Approximately one hour. The online booking system shows available tour slots to allow you to choose a date and time suitable for your timezone.

Invite your friends and family

Let’s make this a great social occasion by sharing your live tour with friends and family across the world. You can invite up to 10 different friends when you book your tour and they will all receive your exclusive tour link.

For the whole group, including up to 10 screens, the price for this private tour is £99. And as a special offer, whilst the world recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, anyone booking a bespoke virtual tour during 2020, will receive a 10% voucher off any tour in Scotland booked with Glen2Glen Tours that can be redeemed before 31st December 2022.