Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight – let the celebration begin

He who has contempt for food is a fool.

The old Gaelic saying “S mairg a ni tarcuis air biadh” sums up perfectly the attitude of the Scottish to their food and drink. We have a bountiful larder delivering some of the finest products available. This produce is enjoyed at home and exported around the world. All too often Scottish food and drink is characterised as haggis, porridge, and deep-fried Mars bars. All of this washed down with copious amounts of whisky. However, there is so much more than just stereotypes. Although, in my opinion, they are fine stereotypes. Well, maybe the deep-fried Mars bar isn’t.

A bowl of typically Scottish porridge drizzled with honey
Scottish food and drink is about more than porridge and whisky

The Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight, starting today, celebrates the best food and drink Scotland has to offer. This is a showcase for the world to see what a fantastic reputation this wee-country has in delivering a first-class food experience.

Scottish food and drink at its best

It’s about restauranteurs from the heart of Edinburgh, to the trendy West End of Glasgow, to the loch-sides of Skye using the finest Scottish ingredients for gourmet dishes.

It’s about the small producers in farmhouses and barns around Scotland making artisan cheese, distilling new wave gin and discovering unique chocolate flavour combinations.

It’s about the farmer growing organic barley for beer and whisky. It’s about the fisherman landing bountiful catches of succulent seafood. It’s about the home baker mixing up traditional bread and cakes to sell at the local market.

A field of ripening Scottish barley
Scottish barley soon to be beer or whisky

As a nation, when it comes to our food and drink we have so much to celebrate. That’s why I am proud to support this year Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight. As a culinary certified tourist guide, I am fortunate to travel the length and breadth of Scotland. I am going to use those travels to inspire me throughout the fortnight. Look out for posts highlighting some of our local food heroes, places I enjoy eating, a few recipes and maybe some live tasting sessions. What better way to celebrate it there than with plenty of food and drink!

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