An online virtual tour might not be the obvious choice for a harassed membership or events secretary. But it is the ideal solution for associations, clubs and societies whose members are unable to meet in person during the coronavirus pandemic.

You need determination and a thick skin to organise a club or society events programme. It’s possibly one of the most difficult, and most rewarding, jobs within any membership organisation. You must find a variety of speakers, organise trips and publicise events. Likewise, all of this is within a tight budget, whilst juggling the fickle preferences of a diverse membership.

The task is even more difficult now. Government regulations and travel restrictions have hit member meetings hard. Many groups have effectively ceased to operate any events or social programme altogether. Whilst it’s the correct, and sensible, approach to protecting members from the virus it’s had knock-on effects. In truth, many people join a club or society for the companionship, to spark new interests or to keep them active. Continued uncertainties mean that this might not change anytime soon. For an events co-ordinator, this is often the time when they prepare a programme for the year ahead. However, they are now faced with an almost impossible task.

Take your members on a virtual tour from their own home

A virtual tour is the ideal online event to bring members together. They can join from the comfort and safety of their own home. Since May 2020, I’ve welcomed hundreds of people from across the globe on a variety of virtual tours to Scotland. I’m a qualified, professional tourist guide with a prestigious Green Badge issued by the Scottish Tourist Guide Association. As a result, I turned my face-to-face guiding experience and skills to create virtual tours that transport guests to Scotland.

Virtual Tour on a laptop
Anyone with a reliable internet connection can take part in a virtual tour

However, forget boring online lectures with Powerpoint, these lively virtual tours leave you feeling like you’ve actually travelled through Scotland. Each tour uses video, images, Google Earth and Street View and live commentary, with plenty of storytelling. I show you hidden gems only known by locals and head off-the-beaten-path to discover the very best of Scotland. It’s the perfect solution for a hard-pressed events secretary looking to fill next year’s programme.

You don’t have to stop meeting – just do it digitally

No association, club or society need to stop meeting together. Members can easily meet up for an engaging and exciting programme of online events. They can even travel the world on a virtual tour. From the outback of Australia to the hustle and bustle of an American city, to the wilderness of the Siberian tundra, anyone can join a virtual tour. They can be transported to the heather-clad mountains of Glencoe, the blood-soaked battlefield of Culloden or the fairy hills and glens of the Isle of Skye.

If you are looking for a unique online event for your members I am now taking bookings for the rest of the year and into 2021. For some inspiration, and to find out about the virtual tours on offer, download the Virtual Scotland Tour brochure for full details. Furthermore, share it with your fellow committee members as you prepare your events programme. You can also preview a short recording of a live tour to see the style and conent available.

Top Tip for finding other virtual speakers

There are hundreds of speakers willing to give talks on a wide variety of topics. Many speakers have adapted to a new way of working and are offering virtual talks. The Public Speakers Corner, based in the UK, has a large list of speakers and you can search for those who provide virtual talks.