Revelio! A Harry Potter-themed virtual tour! The ideal solution for schools and youth organisations to organise an event whilst group activities remain complicated because of Covid uncertainties. It’s also perfect for family gatherings and birthday parties. We can arrange a tour for your group wherever you are in the world!

Thank you for a fantastic Harry Potter tonight full of fantastic information and lots of fun and laughter. Our brownies were thrilled and loved every minute. I would highly recommend it to other groups and families.

– Caroline Ludbrook

Harry Potter’s Scotland Trail

This is the original Harry Potter virtual tour launched on Halloween weekend in 2020. Since then it has played to several hundred groups and thousands of guests around the world. It’s an hour-long trip around the places in Edinburgh that inspired J K Rowling as she wrote her amazing books in the city.

Can you find the Harry Potter characters in a spooky, ghost-filled kirkyard – where you will find the grave of “He who must not be named”? It’s a stone throw away from an old school that could almost be Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Leaving Edinburgh behind it’s time to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express to explore some of the movie locations in the Scottish Highlands. Not only do we cross over the famous Harry Potter Bridge at Glenfinnan but dodge a giant spider to find out where Quidditch matches were filmed. Plus many more places.

Tickets to Hogwarts (New from Spring 2021)

After many requests for another Harry Potter virtual tour – this time exploring locations across the British Isle – grab your ticket to Hogwarts for another magical journey. Starting on the streets of London in search of the movie entrance to Diagon Alley and knocking on the door of Gringotts Bank eventually leads us northwards to York and Durham.

There are many other stops on the way that reveal the classrooms and other spaces of the wizarding school. Do you know where you would find Professor Snape’s potions classroom? Or where you would recover after a mid-air Quidditch collision, nursed back to health by Madam Pomfrey? Did you know an Oxford college hides a dining room like the Great Hall complete with Nearly Headless Nick lookalike? And no trip to Hogwarts would be complete without some broomstick lessons.

Both tours are suitable for children and adults involving lots of audience participation and interaction. There are quiz questions and opportunities to cast a spell or two. Participants are encouraged to dress up if they wish and to bring along their wands. We set up and host the Zoom event and send you the link and passcode for you to send to your attendees, with instructions on how to join the tour.

As a memento for everyone who attends this virtual Harry Potter tour, we will send a digital personalised Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft Exam Certificate. This is sent to the group organiser after the tour. Just print them off to distribute to everyone who attended.

Special group prices

The normal ticket price for these Harry Potter virtual tours at a public event is £10 per screen. However, there is a special price available for group bookings:

  • Small groups – up to 8 screens – £45
  • Medium groups – up to 25 screens – £60
  • Large groups – up to 99 screens – £75

Remember the price is for the number of screens connected to the tour, not per person. So you can have multiple guests in one household watching on a laptop – that counts as one screen.

To arrange your tour get in touch and we can discuss arrangements. If you already have a date in mind, you can check availability and reserve your tour below – booking will be confirmed on payment of invoice.