The Ultimate Scotland Virtual Photo Tour

Let’s celebrate the best of Scotland from home

Our next tour: 22nd May 2020 – Walk through Inverness

Last week’s tour: 15th May 2020 – Around Loch Ness

For all of us who love to travel the restrictions in place as governments across the world tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic mean that we must stay at home and stay safe. That doesn’t mean we can’t continue to explore the world.

Every Friday at 20:00 BST, professional guide Andrew Baxter, is hosting a virtual photo share from his home in the depths of the Scottish Highlands, so we can continue to travel from the safety of our own homes.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it for that time you can always catch up with the replay whenever you want.

Whilst travel is restricted we can’t experience the sights and sounds of Scotland in person. However, we can beat the coronavirus blues by travelling to the historic cities, tranquil lochs and majestic mountains of Scotland from our own homes.

Share your photos and memories

Do you have photos and memories of a trip to Scotland that you can share with others? We would love to see them and learn about where you’ve visited. Each week we will feature viewers photos, with a prize for our favourite photo.

Join others who share your love of Scotland

Whether you have Scottish ancestry, have travelled once or many times to Scotland or simply long one day to make that trip of a lifetime – this is the place to indulge in some Scottish passion.

Discover the Best of Scotland

For a small country, Scotland has lots to offer! And you can discover the best of Scotland during each photo share. As well as the well-known places we are going to share some of those “off-the-beaten-path” secrets that only locals know about.

Accompanied by your own professional guide

It helps to really get to know a place if you have your own personal guide. Each photo share will be led by a professional guide who can tell you more about each place and give you suggestions of other great Scottish places to discover. Catch up with previous virtual photo shares by following the links below:

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8th May 2020 – The Great Glen

1st May 2020 – Hidden Harbours

24th April 2020 – The Isle of Skye

17th April 2020 – The Jacobites