Robert Burns isn’t just for 25th January when we slit open a haggis and raise a glass of whisky. Nor is he only for New Year as we hold hands and sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’. Even now, over 200 years after he last put down his pen his words remain with us. Scots Wha Hae, To A Mouse, My Love is Like a Red, Red, Rose…

The Bard left his mark not just on Scotland but around the world. That’s why thousands head to southwest Scotland every year to follow in Rabbie’s footsteps. Join your professional guide as you head on a virtual tour through Burns’ Country using ‘live-conferencing software’ making use of maps, photographs, street-view videos and plenty of story-telling.

From the humble cottage where he grew up, to the bustling market town where he spent his last days (and considerable time in the local inns). You discover the people and places that inspired the poet, now immortalised in his words.

Burn's Birthplace Cottage in Alloway, Scotland
Your virtual journey starts in the small cottage where Robert Burns was born

Tour details

This is a private virtual tour so you will spend some time getting to know each other beforehand, giving you an opportunity to ask some initial questions.

Your tour will include:

  • Burns Birthplace – and the cottage where he grew up
  • Alloway Kirkyard – inspiration for the supernatural Tam O’Shanter
  • The Medieval Brig O’Doon
  • Ellisland Farm – the poet’s rural home
  • Dumfries – where Burns spent his last days 

Throughout your tour, you can ask questions whenever you like and we can take a closer look at anywhere we visit. You will require a good internet connection as this tour is delivered entirely online making use of live video-conferencing software.

Tour Times

Your tour can start a time to suit you wherever you are in the world. Check out the available start time below.

Tour Duration

Your tour lasts around an hour with plenty of time afterwards for questions or to chat with your tour guide.

How many?

Your tour guide can host up to 99 separate screens on the virtual tour. Share your private tour with friends and family from around the world. Or organise a tour for a club or society event.

How much?

Private virtual tours are priced by the number of screens participating not the number of people attending.

Up to 15 screens – £45

Up to 25 screens – £60

Up to 99 screens – £75

Reserve your tour – no payment needed now